Director: Ms. Faith Parker

Signup for Band: only first 10 days and last 10 days can schedules be changed.
Parent Support Group: CLMS Band Support Group will operate as a band booster without handling finance. The parent support group manages volunteers, chaperoning, setting up events, and advocating for Clements Band. If you would like to serve on the PSG, please email the president Ms. Katrina Turman and Ms. Parker. 
Band App QR Code: Parents to stay updated and have a community to keep in touch with, please join the band app for instant notifications regarding band.  Download GroupMe, Scan QR to gain access to the chat.

Band Calendar
: attached as pdf 
Contact Ms. Parker Information: 
Band Office phone: 770-784-2934 ext. 3326 
Google Voice Phone: 770-954-5580 (text or call)